non a tutti piace l’erba

Non A Tutti Piace L’Erba is a monumental art and social project realized in Florence in 2008.

The project has temporary revitalized a forgotten place of the city center, through the installation of 2000 square meters of turf, transforming a not-place – more a roof of an underground car park than a square – in a place of meeting.

A new scene for the city, a vision for the social, human and urban landscape.

7 months of arrangements, calls, meetings, negotiations

2000 turf rolls each of 1 m2

60.000 kg of grass

1 night

40 people plus many passers-by who helped us during the night

50×40 meters

1 month and thousands of people – locals, students, children, elders, families, tourists, immigrants – who spent their time together there.



A special thanks to:

Alessio/Angelo/Bruno/Carlott/Chiara/Chiarina/Dave/Elena/Fabrizio/Ferra/Flaminia/Flo/Froid/Giada/Giosu/Giulia/Grazia/JM/L.A.Guzzi/Laura/ Leo/Luca/Manu/Marco/Marcobessi/Marta/Martin/Matilde/Mattia/ Mike/Peppe/Sandrino/Silvia/ Smaro/Steno/Thomas/Tizo/TomatoSoundSoup/ Toni/TottaCarlotta/volontari/ragazzoDI/Valerio/Yatzek/Yatzek’s girl/

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