la mappa dell’abbandono

La Mappa dell’Abbandono (map of abandoned places) is a research project that aims to create more awareness about how the vacant spaces could be seen as an efficacious resource to face this critical moment, especially for artistic, cultural and social projects. Started with the mapping of the Florentine territory, the project has quickly expanded to cover the entire Tuscan territory, and is still in continuous expansion since January 2011.

The research examines four different aspects of the topic: the historical memorythe contemporary archeologythe reuse strategies and the soil consumption.

In order to reach the purposes the project faces the problem mapping the territory, organizing meetings, conferences and workshops and using some of these places as spaces for artistic interventions.

The Italian Senate, inspired by the project, promoted a national survey with the same name and invited me to present the research there in November 2015. Here the survey’s conclusions.



Meetings, conferences and workshops

Tavola rotonda + Mappa dell’Abbandono 2.0, in collaboration with Comune di Firenze. Firenze 2011

Le Mappe dell’abbandono italiane, in collaboration with Spazi Indecisi and Regione Emilia Romagna. Forlì 2012

Riusa_Laboratorio Interdisciplinare sul patrimonio dismesso e le strategie di riuso, in collaboration with Comune di Firenze and Fondazione Architetti Firenze. Firenze 2013